Craftsmanship + Creation of Product Value














 「Good Design = Efficiency = Longevity」

Japanese craftsmanship has traditionally been reputed for this product design philosophy. Unfortunately, this concept is hardly visible in the Japanese architectural and construction industry today.

 Currently, there are an accounted number of 58 million residences in the country, which exorbitantly exceeds the recorded number of about 50 million households, andyet, billboards and newspapers still abound with daily home advertisements. In Japan, a typical residence has a longevity span of merely 30 years, after which it is commonly demolished to rebuild a new construction. This fact sharply contrasts the longevity record of residences in the US (50 years) and in the UK (77 years).

 Why are Japanese homes refurbished after 30 years? The major reason for this lies in the shortage of environmental management in construction, real estate, as well as in the financial market. Despite efforts to improve the value and quality of existing residences, regular building inspections, maintenance provisions, and the mortgage loan system are not securely guaranteed; hence, tenants tend to lean towards newly-constructed homes that address these factors more effectively.

At ARCHI-MALL CORPORATION, we believe that a building construction must establish a harmonious connection with the contractors, residents and the entire architectural industry, in order to realize the residents’ crucial needs in improving their home condition and quality of life. The ideal criteria for good and effective building design are not only about craftsmanship but also about creation of product value. Moreover, dwellings must be able to respond to positive changes and flexibility of lifestyle. 

  ARCHI-MALL CORPORATION engages in the construction and renovation of residences, commercial establishments, offices, schools, and other institutions, while establishing sound partnerships with architects, designers, craftsmen, other experts and various professionals in the community. We cater to the clients’ diverse demands, and conduct extensive research and evaluations, conceptualize plans and designs, and manage the construction and after-care maintenance of building projects with utmost delicacy, precision and guaranteed reliability.

  「Good Design = Efficiency = Longevity」

At last, our company can instill this essential design philosophy into the wonderful art of building. In order to implement this, we continue to strive in assisting residents and building owners to develop their skills in craftsmanship and creation of product value that can last for many years, both in their work space and everyday life.


June 2013